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Aluminum Components We offer a wide range of Aluminium components as per the customized requirements and specifications. Precision Fabrication for all engineering needs from quality to volume quantities as per your specifications and requirements in aluminum or any metal. Aluminum sheet metal parts are commonly fabricated in many different types of aluminum alloy. We stock thicknesses from .020″ to .250″. We cater to the electronics, government, transportation, medical, and security industries as well as others that require custom aluminum prototypes and bulk quantities. Our aluminum sheet metal parts are fabricated and shipped to various countries across the globe. Due to its flexibility and many variations, aluminum sheet metal is an excellent material choice for both structural and mechanical applications. Even a specialized alloy such as 6061 can be further manipulated through tempering to produce particular strength or weldability. Aluminum components are popular as housings, enclosures, assemblies, cabinets, brackets and supports, framing, panels, and chassis.
Automotive Stampings We offer a wide range of Automotive sheet metal components as per the CUSTOMISED requirements and specifications. Precision Fabrication for all engineering needs from quality to volume quantities as per your specifications and requirements in mild steel / stainless steel / brass / aluminum or any metal. Daksh Tools, supplies precision sheet metal products such as Enclosures or Chassis, Automotive Components, Stamping Parts, Sheet Metal Clamps, Sheet Metal Parts for Electrical & Electronic Devices, Stainless Steel Parts, TIG & MIG Welded parts, Fabrication metal welding, Medical equipment enclosures, Aluminum sheet metal parts, Custom fabricated parts, LED lighting sheet metal parts, Solar sheet metal parts, Telecommunication sheet metal parts, Live Stock Handling metal fabricated parts, Sheet metal brackets, Sheet metal mounts, Metal stamping for construction, Medical stampings, Solar module clamps, Solar Module Mounting Structures, Solar Module Mounting parts, Solar racking parts, Solar panel mounting structure parts & assemblies. Our products are widely used, but not restricted to, industries such as Automotive, LED Lighting, Solar Mounting Systems, Electronic, Electrical, Telecommunication, Car Wash and Live Stock Handling. Daksh Tools provides solutions that add more value to our customers business. Providing cost effective and high quality products from India is how we enable organizations worldwide to improve their business performance.
Ahead of Elections, Govt. Comes up with Captivating Schemes for MSME’s: According to rating agency ICRA’s predictions: The forthcoming union budget is likely to propose measures to increase credit to agriculture and small and medium enterprises. It believes that the target for institutional credit to agriculture sector is likely to get enhanced to over Rs.12 lakh crore from Rs.11 lakh crore for FY2018- 19. Further, to increase the credit supply to the medium, small and micro enterprises (MSMEs), the refinancing target by Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency (Mudra) Bank is also expected to increase to over Rs. 4 lakh crores from Rs. 3 lakh crores for FY2018- 19. Expected Announcements to Revive NBFC’s: The govt. is likely to come up with supportive schemes, considering the current tight liquidity situation of non-banking finance companies (NBFCs) and housing finance companies (HFC’s) to foster a seamless flow of credit. Some announcements to support a steady and seamless flow of credit to NBFCs and housing finance companies are also expected in the Budget. According to the rating agency, ICRA, “the expected announcements may include: increase in the refinance to the sector, a priority sector tag for bank credit to NBFCs based on their on-lending and relaxation in risk weights for capital allocation by banks on their exposures to the sector.” According to Mr. Anil Gupta, VP & Sector Head, ICRA, “Any large-scale debt relief for small borrowers in agriculture or MSME sector will lead to higher cost of borrowings and adversely impact the profitability of banks unless the scale of such waivers is contained by targeting the borrowers under genuine stress, ” Increasing the Amount of Recapitalisation Package: The government has recently upsized the recapitalisation package by Rs. 41, 000 crores for public sector banks (PSBs) to Rs. 1.06 lakh crores for FY2019. However, a large portion of this capital is expected to be utilized against loss provisions, thereby leaving limited capital for supporting credit growth. According to Mr. Anil Gupta: We expect the capital requirements for PSBs to remain sizeable at over Rs. 50, 000 crores during FY2020 to support 10 % credit growth, but the budgetary allocation is expected to be lower than requirement on the back of expectations that PSBs may be able to raise some capital from the markets as earnings profile shows signs of improvement, ” he added. ICRA Anticipations: Depending on their capital position and ability to support credit growth, the rating agency believes that the state-owned banks would restart posing competition to private sector banks (PVBs) both on the deposit side and credit side leading to higher deposit rates and pressure on lending yields. The target for institutional credit to agriculture sector is likely to get enhanced in the Union Budget to over Rs. 12 Lakh Crores from Rs. 11 Lakh Crores for FY2018-19, said rating agency ICRA. Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency (Mudra) Bank is also expected to increase its refinancing target to over Rs. 4 Lakh Crores from Rs. 3 Lakh Crores for FY2018-19. Content credit: power2sme
Custom Fabricated Parts We are one of the prominent manufacturers and suppliers of quality custom fabricated metal parts. These products are manufactured from best quality raw materials, which are procured from authorized vendors. We specialize in developing tools and manufacturing custom fabrications as per customer’s specifications in metals such as Mild Steel, Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum & Copper. Features: Enhanced functional life Resistance to corrosion Smooth finish Specifications: Sizes: As per customer requirement Grades: MS, SS 202/304, Al
Sheet Metal Chassis We are specialized in manufacturing a qualitative range of custom fabricated Sheet Metal Chassis, that are available in various sizes and other specifications. Designed as per international standards, these sheet metal enclosures are used to cover or hold various electronic and electrical parts. Our range of chassis are available in different specifications and as per the requirements of clients. Specifications: Thickness from 0.6mm to 2.0 mm. Available in Mild Steel, Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel & Aluminum. Powder coated or plated.
Custom Sheet Metal Parts We manufacture custom sheet metal and CNC machined electronic enclosures, mounting hardware, and other miscellaneous components. Based on your design and specification, we develop the parts as per your requirement. Products are built from your choice of aluminum, copper, steel, stainless, or galvanized, and are fully finished, including fasteners, hardware, welding, powder coating, and silkscreen. Daksh Tools innovative business model allows you to buy custom electronic enclosures with a whole new level of speed and convenience. Daksh Tools innovative business model allows you to buy custom electronic enclosures with a whole new level of speed and convenience. We produce a large number of products using sheet metal fabrication. Folded parts offer the perfect mounting system for electronics and displays - as well as structural strength for large enclosures. We supply aluminium or steel; raw or powder coated.
Stamping Parts We manufacture and export various types of Sheet Metal Components and Stamping Parts from India, as per the custom requirement of Customers. We also have a fully equipped In-house Tool Room for manufacturing the required tools and dies for these stamping parts.
How Emerging Technologies Impact Manufacturing Sector: Emerging Technologies: Are they Development or Disruption for Manufacturing Sector? Exponential technologies are disrupting workplaces, especially in the manufacturing sector. Robotic process automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and Internet of Things (IOT) have clearly redefined the business models of manufacturing companies. Though in the past, people have been apprehensive about this human-robot collaboration to make headway on the factory floor, but more than that, it is a matter of keeping the workforce abreast of the times. The manufacturing sector is gearing up for networked factories where production lines, supply chains, quality control and design teams are integrated into a high-tech engine that offers actionable insights. Contrary to those who fear human jobs being lost to automation, the manufacturing industry will be propelled by AI-driven enhanced efficiency, agile production, and real-time decision making, allowing the workforce to focus more on innovation. Areas such as seeking new consumer insights and understanding product personalisation requirements will evolve into potentially specialised roles where people will be expected to oversee automated work flows to deliver a bespoke service or product. Though the Indian manufacturing sector has been a late entrant, they need to adapt to these changes. Experts in the industry say a different kind of skillset, which didn’t exist a decade back has become a prerequisite to march into a new future. The Future: The manufacturing sector is gearing towards reducing the digital talent gap and becoming future ready. The government is going deep on critical infrastructure, policy, regulatory, and skill-related issues and introducing reform that is spurting the growth of the sector and increasing career prospects. The Indian auto industry is one of the largest in the world responsible for nearly 7.1% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). States such as Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra are viewed as the nation’s auto hubs that can attract young aspiring engineers. Globally, India occupies the 5th position in the food processing industry with increasing exports in grains, fresh produce, beverages, and dairy products. The sector’s ability to absorb excess labour from the agricultural sector is the driving force behind its importance. Similarly, the growth in sectors like telecom, consumer electronics, and IT has propelled the Indian electronics market, opening avenues for fresh graduates to kickstart their careers. It is now that candidates need to upskill themselves in line with the industry changes and strive to be more relevant to the evolving job demands. Daksh Tools is a leading manufacturer & supplier of precision sheet metal components, assemblies and sheet metal fabrications in India, offering the full range of subcontract engineering services.
Manufacturer and exporter in India, of electrical enclosures, metal enclosure box, electrical enclosure box, metal stamping tools and electronics enclosure. We're also specialists in metal project box, metal enclosures for electronics, metal enclosure, enclosure box and aluminium enclosure box. These are available in different finish as per custom requirement.